As always we have our ongoing food drive in the lower lobby outside of the education director’s office. Please continue to bring in your non-perishable canned foods and boxed goods.  We are continually bringing food to our local social services.

We tried to have a luncheon for those in need in our area for Thanksgiving but got a poor response from the community. We are looking into possible reasons why this happened.  On a good note our Temple family came out in droves to participate in the day and to cook food.  We had 19 Turkeys donated and many a veggie casserole, sweet potatoes and desserts.  These were taken to Eva’s Kitchen in Paterson and we delivered full meals to four families who were in dire need.  All in all this was a wonderfully rewarding project.  Hopefully next year we can get together a good luncheon. It’s always a learning curve with new projects.  

On Christmas Eve and Easter/Passover we again delivered Holiday Dinners to those in our community who did not have a Holiday Meal. There are both Jewish and non-Jewish families on our growing list.