You are not required to complete the work, yet you are not allowed to desist from it.
- Pirkei Avot, 2:21

Contact Melissa Gurth to volunteer

Here are some great reasons to volunteer!
Help others
Meet new people
Make a difference
Explore new areas of interest
Find purpose
Meet good people
Enjoy a meaningful conversation
Impress your mom
Connect with your community
Impress yourself
Feel involved
Expand your horizons
Contribute to a cause that you care about
Get out of the house
Use your skills in a productive way
Make new friends
Develop new skills
Strengthen your resume
Feel better about yourself    

Volunteer Opportunities    

Volunteerism is an integral part of our membership here at Temple Beth Am.  We have had an enthusiastic response to our New Volunteer Program and to a letter that was recently mailed to our congregants. We hope this section in “Happenings” will encourage further participation, and facilitate in reaching out to everyone who wishes to participate in the many opportunities at Temple Beth Am. In the coming weeks and months, look for our committees and varied arms of our temple to express their need for volunteers for upcoming events. Please consider an hour or two of your time. I guarantee you will receive much more that you give.

We would like to thank Arleen and Manny Nussbaum and Jennifer Liebowitz for reaching out to volunteer. Additionally, Mazel Tov to Jennifer Rosenkranz and Marci Gorman for an incredibly successful toy drive that collected hundreds of toys for needy children in Morris County. Thank you, as well, to Marilyn and Bruce Raiken for ushering this past Shabbat. It is always wonderful to be greeted on Shabbat with a warm and welcoming smile. We look forward to this new initiative that will further strengthen the connections we have with Temple Beth Am.

We look forward to seeing you at temple Beth Am.

Volunteering is not just for adults!

Make it easy for children to volunteer and you may discover that your children volunteering just a few hours encourages them to be civic minded in other ways. Here are 5 ideas for working moms to include children's volunteer activities in their busy lives.
Below is a partial list of volunteer opportunities:

Around the School

  • Become a class parent
  • Organize grade level luncheons/dinners
  • Help with school fundraisers
  • AssistBarriewith countless tasks
  • Sit in the office during school hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Sundays to answer phones and greet people
  • Help with a holiday celebration in the school

 Around the Temple

  • Join a committee
  • Organize holiday Shabbat dinners
  • Help set up/clean up/serve at the dinners
  • Sit in the office during bar/bat mitzvahs to answer phones and greet people
  • Lend a hand with the gift shop
  • Help out at the Purim carnival, Purim Schpiel
  • Assist Men's Club  with setup and teardown Sukkah
  • Help Sisterhood assemble Mishloach Minot Baskets
  • Aid Sisterhood with any of their activities they provide for the school or other fundraisers
  • Usher at a Shabbat service
  • Stuff envelopes for mailings and other office functions
  • Chair or assist with a fundraiser
  • Make phone calls for an event as needed
  • Lend a hand to Sisterhood with their Tashlich luncheon
  • Organize/catalog the library
  • Join the choir or band